Welcome to Solar Labs

Solar Labs is a steady and sustainable passive income protocol with real revenue and utility.
It’s not DeFi summer anymore, degens. Everywhere we look, unsustainable projects with no utility or future are exiting the market. These bearish times are exposing the projects whose only utility was “price up” for what they are; ponzis.
This is tough for investors. Nothing seems stable - even the so-called stable coins - and it’s hard to know where to invest your hard earned cash.
But with so many rug pulls, highly inflationary tokens that are destined to go to zero, and projects run by developers who are only in it for themselves, how do you know where to go?
The vast majority of projects suffer from:
  • No utility
  • No stability
  • No transparency
  • No business model or revenue
We created Solar Labs to provide a solution.
Solar Labs is an innovation protocol, with a strong business model, in-demand utility, and a simple and sustainable approach to tokenomics.
Our business model is built around many income streams; our team offers our services, skills and expertise to project leaders and protocols, and returns part of the profits to you, the investor.
We want a better DeFi where you as an investor can put your money into a business that is working for you, and where project leads can get the help and support they need without having to gamble on unreliable Fiverr services.
Last modified 3mo ago