How it works

Give me the details
Solar Labs is based on our token, $SLAB; which will be the mechanism in which revenue will be distributed among holders. The system has been vastly simplified from our old Solar Protocol system with scalability and sustainability has been our main goal.
When Solar Labs generates income through services like smart contract development, dApp development, and KYC verifications; a percentage of the income will be used to buy back and burn $SLAB. This means that there is an exponential decrease in token supply that has an ever growing price appreciation.
By buying $SLAB, you are essentially investing in Solar Labs, our development services, our KYC, as well as in our future Services and DeFi solutions.

Let's over-simplify it

Solar offers services and solutions which generate revenue --> a percentage of said revenue is used to buyback and burn $SLAB --> investors profit from Solar's hard work and effort