Our solution

What makes Solar Labs different?
Solar Labs is first and foremost a business.
It’s hard to find a developer you can trust, let alone one who has the experience, credibility, and a strong history of past projects. With Kinsyu, 0xFluffyBeard, Gira, Anna, and Tobello on the team, we are solving this problem and supporting projects to develop their contracts and dApps.
The Defi environment dictates that in order to have a successful project, you need to build up as much trust as possible with your investors and community in order to meet the project's objectives. This is why we decided to develop Solar KYC, the safest KYC in DeFi through extensive document verification, background checks, criminal records, and more; to allow projects to succeed while staying anonymous.
Don't think that Solar is stopping there, the team has some revolutionary ideas to offer more services, DeFi solutions and investment opportunities in the near future to keep expanding and generating revenue.
By building our reach and reputation we are able to work with more and more clients and return that revenue to you, the investor. If you’re wondering how in-demand Development Services are, we onboarded clients and began generating revenue before we even launched, ever since, the team has been developing at a stonishing 100% workload. Show me another protocol that is in profit before it even goes live!
Every single decision has been made with sustainability, stability, and utility in mind.